Consulting Engineer for Manufacturing

Develop capabilities; project management and execution.

Innovations are possible with cross-over technologies. Apply methods developed in one industry to another, where they have never been used or considered.

Experience in Industry
  • Technical Ceramics Processes
    • Tape cast high-temperature cofired systems (tungsten conductors, layered alumina)
      • Compounding
      • Casting
      • Fab operations (scissors trimmers, punch dies, CNC micro-punches,  hot blade cutters)
    • Post-fired metallization - alumina substrates
    • Metallizing compositions
      • Powder preparations
      • Vehicle preparations
      • Compounding (pebble mill, 3-roll mill, centrifugal mixing)
      • Screen Print application
      • Dip/termination application
      • Spray paint application
    • Plating - nickel, copper, silver, gold
    • Brazing (electrical leads attachment), paste, preforms
    • Finishing/trimming
    • Inspection and test

  • Staple Nonwovens Processes
    • Melt spun synthetic fibers, PET & polyolefin natural and colored
    • Cross-laid web needle-punch felts
      • Wide range of types
        • Vinyl backing
        • Filtration types
        • Medical bandage
        • Automotive decorative and structure
    • Web post processing
      • Foam latex coating
      • Extrusion coating
      • Continuous structured embossing
      • Die cut
      • CNC cut
      • Sheet and stack
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Large scale work flows
  • Backgound and experience in hands-on operations, supervision, multi-shift operations, quality engineering, process engineering, quality planning/management and organization, customer communications.

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